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7 tiny homes in Australia you can buy right now

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

If you’re feeling the urge to downsize, have a treechange or want a home on wheels so you can explore as part of your day-in-day-out lifestyle, a tiny home could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Tiny Home Decor

The last few years since the tiny home trends completely blew up, we have seen many architects and designers the world over unveil all types of innovative, out-of-the-box and impressive micro-homes suitable for every occasion and every environment.

Depending on whether you’re after an off-the-grid option, something that can withstand the harsh elements of the snow or wilderness or something on wheels for a nomad lifestyle, the world is your oyster when it comes to tiny homes.

We scoured around the latest in tiny homes available for purchase in Australia and have whittled down the list to these seven favourites – all under $100,000.

1. Häuslein Tiny House Co

Hoping to help promote a simple, less stressed life by offering high-quality tiny homes, Häuslein Tiny House Co only use premium materials and focus on innovation.

Built to last for generations while ageing beautifully, we love the Little Sojourner model that comes in from $79,000 and is complete with everything you could want for comfortable living including a laundry. And it looks gorgeous to boot.

The style is a cross of cabin meets coastal to beautiful effect. And with well-appointed finishes, it might be tiny living but it’s luxe too.

Tiny Home on Farm

2. Tiny homes on wheels

If you’re after a lifestyle change and thinking of a tiny home, then one on wheels could be a great idea if you want flexibility and a life on the road.

Off-Grid Tiny Houses believe that a well-designed space and “bite-sized” housing has a softer ecological and economical impacts for both the occupier and their surroundings.

Their mission is to see Australians have access to well-designed tiny homes that run completely on renewable energy.

With a variety of options and sizes, all models can be customised and have optional extras. The style is modern and minimal with a cabin-style vibe.

Tiny Home Inside

3. Build your own tiny home

The compact abodes from Big Tiny are set apart from the rest in one very exciting way: They can be built in just two hours with the help of some friends and some simple power tools.

The panels are flat-packed and shipped, ready to be assembled by you in whatever location you’ve chosen for your new tiny home escape. The designs are completely customisable to include whatever it is that you’d like, but the base panel kit starts from $35,000.

The cabins themselves boast a clean modern aesthetic with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light and the green surrounds of nature to come streaming in.

Tiny Home Outside

4. A tiny home for livin’ large

You wouldn’t necessarily be able to pick it from the outside, but as far as tiny homes go, this one could be considered a mansion. The Lifestyle Series 7200GB by Designer Eco Tiny Homes boasts three separate bedrooms; there’s a queen on the ground floor, plus two king lofts.

There’s also a fully functional kitchen with gas burners, an electric oven, and a range hood, plus a comfortable dining area with bench seating. The luxurious little bathroom also means you’ll never rough it, and the trailer is packed with nifty storage to boot.

Tiny Home Decor

5. Completely customisable modular builds

Ecoshelta produces architecturally designed, modular prefab buildings, all of which are made right here in Australia using durable aluminium frames and cladding systems with timber interior fit-outs.

The structures, no matter how big or small, will always fit inside a standard shipping container and are lightweight, tough and environmentally responsible. You can start small with a basic cabin and build out your Ecoshelta to become a three-bedroom home or houseboat over time if you wish. They’re all designed to include an interchangeable panel system, which allows for ultimate flexibility in floorplan and functionality of the buildings.

Tiny Home View

6. Loft cabin for remote living

  • Home: CABN

  • Size: 2.5m x 5.5m

  • Price: Starting from $60,000

Australian-owned company CABN can build you a custom-designed cabin in 12 weeks. Whether you’re after a guest house, home office, or holiday home, you too can join in on the tiny home movement with your very own off-grid escape.

The standard cabins are built to include a king loft bed plus a king single day bed, a two-burner stove, shower, and composting toilet. All sorts of sustainable measures are in place to reduce the impact on the environment, and you can add a bunch of optional extras like a 1.6kw solar power unit with an inverter to battery storage, a 1100L water tank, and a 400L grey water tank.

Tiny Home in woods

7. Cabin kits for every need

Cabin Kits Galore specialises in self-assembly timber structures that can possess just about any functionality, depending on your needs. With a myriad of sizes and designs available, you could find the perfect backyard cabin, cubby house, garden shed, pool house, home office, granny flat or remote escape in their range.

From $9,800 for a completely installed backyard shed, to $15,000 for a studio assembly kit, there’s something for everyone looking for a little bit of extra space.

Permanent Tiny Home

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