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Guide to Refinancing

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A step-by-step guide to the refinancing process

Home loans are one of the biggest financial commitments most Aussies ever make. As life changes however, so do our needs. That’s why it makes sense to check in on your home loan and ensure it’s still working for you.

If you think it might be time for a change, there is an opportunity to improve your financial situation by switching products or lenders, you might want to think about refinancing.

If you want to know how to refinance a home loan, the good news is, it's much simpler and easier than you think. In the past, refinancing your home loan was a very clunky, time consuming process. But these day, the home loan market is very competitive, and laws have been passed to make it easier for borrowers to transfer their home loan. With so many lenders vying for your business, they’re all trying to outdo each other with the best interest rates, the cheapest home loans, the lowest fees or the best features.

This puts you in an ideal position as a borrower looking to refinance. If you don’t think you’re getting a good deal with your current home loan, chances are, you could potentially save thousands by refinancing. 

Our easy-to-follow eGuide will answer many of your questions and give you some understanding of the refinancing process. We have also included a "documents to supply" checklists so you can be more than prepared as we make a start to submit your loan application to your new preferred lender.

So let's get started - download your FREE copy today!

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